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Eleganza 5

Linet Critical Care Bed

The Eleganza 5 hospital bed makes routine nursing activities safer, easier, and faster for enhanced nursing efficiency and better patient outcomes. With innovative features, such as the Mobi-Lift® sit-to-stand lift and LINET’s frame-based lateral tilt, the Eleganza 5 reduces the amount of stress and strain on caregivers while providing additional safety and comfort for patients.

Art of Turning

Innovative tilting technology with smooth columns can help to turn the patient gently with minimum physical effort which reduces the stress and strain on carergivers and can also reduce the number of caregivers required for turning and improve efficiency. Lateral tilt can be controlled through foot pedal controls which can increase efficiency and leave the caregivers hands-free for patient care.

Additionally the lateral tilt function helps to improve pressure injury prevention – regular patient positioning is therefore easy.

Art of Safety

Sophisticated safety features integrated into the Eleganza 5 enhance patient and caregiver safety. These include i-Brake® automatic braking system, Multizone bed exit alarm to improve falls prevention, and SafeStop® feature which assists in preventinf injuries due to entrapment and crushing by lowering the mattress platform.

Art of Mobilisation

Eleganza 5 incorporates three innovative features to advance patient mobilisation. Together they improve safety and comfort for the patient and the caregiver. Mobi-Lift® is the only sit-to-stand device that involces the patient in early mobilization, MobiRails are ergonomically shaped siderails that assist in patient mobilization and frame based lateral tilt which improves the angle of the pelvis to assist in standing.

Art of Positioning

Multi-section frame design, improves nursing efficiency and allows greater patient comfort and positioning. Easy access and efficient positioning for Cardiac Chair, Vascular position. Passive Leg Raise (PLR), Passive Leg Raise (PLR) and lateral tilting.

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Unique frame based lateral tilt Can minimise the effort required from staff and optimise working conditions during other activities such as mobilisation and transfer from the bed to a stretcher.
Ergoframe positioning Increases patient comfort and ergonomics minimising lung and abdominal compression.
Motorized bed extension Simple motorized bed extension adapts bed to patients of many heights, but also allows the bed to fit in smaller elevators.
SafeStop® Prevention of injuries due to entrapment and crushing by lowering the mattress platform.
MobiRails Ergonomically shaped handles in the siderails for patient comfort.
Soft-Drop side rails with down sensors Reduced side space needed for siderails, minimise entrapment risk and protect from falls.
Easy access CPR release mechanism Is easily accessible from both sides of bed ensuring quick release for lowering of backrest.
Multi-zone bed exit alarm Improves fall prevention by monitoring the patient’s motion and location in the bed. Automatic alarm resets if patient returns to selected zone.
Cardiac chair position Provides relief during respiratory problems and is very pleasant for the patient when reading, eating or watching television.
Smart weighing scales Display the actual patient weight and record the selected weight values. The system allows items to be removed or added without affecting the weight data.
X-ray facility A transparent mattress platform and special bed construction allows lung X-rays to be taken without the need to physically handle the patient.
Vascular position Easily raise feet to manage edema and improve comfort. Improve access for skin inspection and wound care in the heel area. Passive Leg Raise (PLR) facilitates the diagnostic procedure.
I-Brake Intelligent automatic brake prevents uncontrolled movement and falls caused by leaning on an unbraked bed.
I-Drive Power Optional powered drive system to facilitate patient transport during short or long distances and up/down inclines. Transport has never been easier!
Mobi-Lift Built-in sit-to-stand device that allows for active participation from the patient during mobilization.
Open architecture mattress platform Provides flexible options for facilities to use a variety of mattresses dependant on patient requirements.
Foot controls Allow practical, handsfree and easy adjustment of the height, lateral tilt and examination position.
Illuminated patient keyboards For better patient orientation at night.


Height Range 435mm to 815mm
Overall Length 2190mm
Overall Width 1000mm
Bed Extension 0 to 220mm
Mattress Platform Length 2080mm
Mattress Platform Width 900mm
Lateral Tilt 15°
Trendelenburg 14°
Reverse Trendelenburg 14°
Safe Working Load (SWL): 250 kg
Total Bed weight: 210 kg (* Depending on configuration)