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Service and Maintenance

Making the right choice for the provision of your service requirements can often be a daunting task and a minefield of information without ever getting the level of service that truly works for you.

At Pegasus Healthcare we have a customer focused approach to the provision of service and maintenance and a range of solutions that have been developed to meet today’s demanding operational needs. Whether it’s a Preventative Maintenance Service, Fully Comprehensive Cover, replacement Spare Parts, or just some advice, we have a solution that suits any organisation’s needs.

Our services, facilities and working practises are fully audited, documented and endorsed to ISO 9001 standards therefore healthcare facilities can rest assured that they will receive a first class level of service.

Our Service Technicians are experts in servicing, repairing and maintaining not only Pegasus equipment but also those from others manufacturers and we also have access to specialised pressure testing equipment and stock a wide range of spare parts to ensure any work can be completed in a timely fashion. Therefore our customers are able to request assistance with servicing and maintenance of any product no matter which brand.


To find out how Pegasus can help with your Service and Maintenance requirements call us on 1300 303 603