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Equipment Management

With the increased pressures on the efficiency of services, infection control standards and financial restrictions in place, it is imperative that you have an efficient service that maximises the utilisation of your equipment.

We are able to tailor our equipment management services to match your individual requirements, whether that is the full management of your Equipment Loan Pool within your region or the installation and collection of Palliative Care equipment to client residences.

Pegasus Healthcare will help you achieve improved utilisation of your equipment whilst providing you with the peace of mind that each item is properly cleaned, disinfected and maintained as per quality assured health guidelines after each client use.

We offer our customers free access to our state-of-the-art equipment management system (VRM Online) which will allow you to locate and track your equipment throughout your business at all times. Whether it is equipment supplied to a hospital, rural or remote health facilities or far distant communities. VRM Online can help any business or organisations track their equipment and provide the ability to view vital information such as client name, address and equipment serial number.

Range of options we offer:

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