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Linet Critical Care Bed

The Multicare® intensive care and therapy bed is an ideal solution for the demanding special requirements of critically ill patients. The bed uses innovative technologies to create an ideal combination of clinical benefits for patients and staff – medical, nursing and therapy.

Unique features support vital patient functions and provide excellent working conditions for staff to help minimize the risks associated with caring for high acuity patients. This ensures that the patient can be treated safely and effortlessly. Multicare has a set of distinctive features and leading technology which provide solutions for many of the challenges faced in the high acuity environment.

LINET’s proprietary platform provides continuous Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT) via the bed frame. This standard feature of Multicare can assist in preventing ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), mobilize secretions, improve gas exchange, and even assist with pressure injury reduction for patients who cannot be turned manually.

The unique siderail concept, the Multizone Bed Exit Alarm, and the intelligent braking features help ensure each patient is protected from potential falls. The minimum gap siderail design also reduces the risk of patient entrapment.

The Multicare bed helps to reduce pressure and shear through its proprietary Ergoframe® technology. Inspired by wound care experts, this feature significantly aids in the prevention of pressure injury by increasing envelopment capacity in the sacral area as the bed articulates. With Multicare open architecture you can choose among LINET’s range of active and reactive mattresses.

Lateral tilt, Mobi-Lift® handle, i-Drive Power®, integrated scale, LCD control touch panel, and foot controls are examples of features designed for ease of caregiver use while minimizing the physical strain encountered by the nursing staff when providing care.

AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses) has inspired LINET’s clinical team to create a 4-level Early Mobilization Program using Multicare. Unique features of LINET beds enrich each level of the Early Mobilization Program.

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Unique frame based lateral tilt Can minimise the effort required from staff and optimise working conditions during other activities such as mobilisation and transfer from the bed to a stretcher.
I-Brake Intelligent automatic brake prevents uncontrolled movement and falls caused by leaning on an unbraked bed..
Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT) Simple programming allows patients to rotate up to 30 degrees for continuous lateral rotation therapy.
Ergoframe positioning Increases patient comfort and ergonomics minimising lung and abdominal compression.
Multi-board Easily accessible control panel with intuitive user interface including advanced weighing system.
Multi-protect siderails Progressive siderails with the safe gaps concept, siderail sensors detecting the down position and exceptional height provide excellent protection against falls.
Easy access CPR release mechanism Is easily accessible from both sides of bed ensuring quick release for lowering of backrest.
Multi-zone bed exit alarm The suitable audible alert regime can be selected with respect to actual patient fall risk. This feature can help staff to control the fall risk permanently and to react in time accordingly.
Orthopnoeic chair position The Orthopnoeic chair position helps to maximise respiratory function and enhances patient comfort.
Advanced weighing scales Capable of indicating the exact weight of the patient in most bed positions. This yields not only the current value of the patient’s weight, but also provides valuable information about changes over time.
Lateral x-ray cassette holder Enables safe imaging of the chest without needing to reposition the patient on the bed.
I-Drive Power Optional powered drive system to facilitate patient transport during short or long distances and up/down inclines. Transport has never been easier!.
Mobi-Lift Built-in sit-to-stand device that allows for active participation from the patient during mobilization.
Open architecture mattress platform Provides flexible options for facilities to use a variety of mattresses dependant on patient requirements.
Foot controls Allow practical, handsfree and easy adjustment of the height, lateral tilt and examination position.
Illuminated patient keyboards For better patient orientation at night.


Height Range 440mm to 820mm
Overall Length 2150mm
Overall Width 1050mm
Bed Extension 0 to 220mm
Mattress Platform Length 2080mm
Mattress Platform Width 860mm
Lateral Tilt 30°
Trendelenburg 13°
Reverse Trendelenburg 16°
Safe Working Load (SWL): 250 kg
Total Bed weight: 224kg (* Depending on configuration)