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NoDec A Airstream

The NoDec A Airstream alternating pressure mattress overlay is a portable system which is ideal for the prevention and management of pressure injuries.

Featuring advanced solenoid technology which controls the rapid changes in airflow the NoDec A Airstream provides optimum comfort and care for patients at Medium to High Risk of pressure injury and for healing Grade 1 and 2 pressure injuries.

Placed upon a high specification foam mattress, the NoDec A Airstream becomes a high efficiency alternating device with significant interface pressure differential between inflated and deflated air cells.

A lightweight, portable system the NoDec A Airstream is easy to use with auto adjustment of pressure to suit individual patient requirements and provides key safety features such as easily accessible CPR for rapid deflation in emergencies and permanently inflated side formers which protect vulnerable patients from falls.

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Pressure relief10 minute alternating 2-cell cycle provides effective pressure variation through rapid air cell deflation.
Solenoid technologyEnhances pressure relief by providing a more efficient flow of air in and out of the cells therefore a superior reactive hyperaemic response in the deep tissues about the bony prominences
Ultrasonically welded cell structureAll cells in each layer are ultrasonically welded together to eliminate the risk of the patient ‘bottoming out’ whilst also preventing air cell encroachment.
Easily accessible CPRIntuitive, always visible and accessible CPR release valve located on umbilical provides rapid deflation in approx. 10 seconds.
Integrated side formersPermanently inflated side formers provide a firm mattress edge to ensure patient stabilisation and fall prevention (NSQHS standard 10) during exits or transferring to a trolley/chair.
Comfort controlAdjustable comfort control to Soft and Firm within both Static and Dynamic modes provide nursing staff with the ability to adjust air cell inflation pressures to suit individual patient comfort or clinical requirements.
Timed Static modeProvides a firm and stable surface for essential nursing procedures such as physiotherapy and wound cleaning. A safety automatic return to Dynamic mode after 30 minutes ensures that patients are not put at risk of pressure damage.
30 hour Transport modeEasy to operate one way valve lets mattress remain inflated for at least 30 hours and also facilitates patient/bed movement without unnecessary risk to patient.
Audible and visual alarmsA sophisticated set of audible and visual alarm functions provide enhanced patient safety and ensures peace of mind for nursing staff.
Securing strapsAdjustable heavy duty nylon straps allow the NoDec A Airstream to be safely secured to a base mattress.
Dartex cover with welded seams Soft, easy to clean, waterproof Dartex cover provides a complete barrier against viruses and blood, minimising infection control risks.


Risk CategoryMedium to Very High Risk
Cell DesignIntegrated cell structure
Therapeutic Safe Working Load178kg
Warranty2 years
Mattress Dimensions 1900mm x 870mm x 130mm
Power Unit Dimensions90mm x 220mm x 290mm
Product WeightMattress: 5.5kg Power Unit: 2.5kg
Cycle Time10 Minutes (1-in-2 cell cycle)
Cycle ControlMicroprocessor controlling solenoid valves
Supply Voltage230V, 50 Hz
Power RatingMax – 100 Watts
Compressor Rating12 litres/minute at 0.01 MPa
Electrical SafetyClass II, Type B
Noise Levelless than 30dB